(form) Trustee Resignation

 Trustee Resignation



I, __________________, Trustee of __________________________________ do hereby resign on _____________ , 20__  all of my Trustee responsibilities, rights, title, and any other interest whatsoever I may have or had in this trust or trusts.


Before resigning, I appoint __________________________________  whose address is _______________________________________ as the successor Trustee.


In witness thereof, I hereby sign my Resignation as Trustee of the above trust(s).







State of ______________ )

                                   )  ss.:

County of _____________ )


On this ______ day of ______, 20______, before me personally appeared _____________, to me known to be the party executing the foregoing instrument, and he acknowledged before me that it was executed for the purposes set out therein.



WITNESS my hand and official seal







My Commission Expires:   __________________________