(form) Trip Permission Slip for Minor

 Trip Permission Slip for Minor 


__________________ (referred to as “PARENT”) is the parent or lawful guardian of __________________, a minor, and agrees: 


_______________________ is organizing a trip for the purpose of: ____________________________________ on ______________ , 20____ through ______________ , 20____. 


____________ has the permission of PARENT to participate in this trip and all activities thereof. 


______________, ____________ and the other employees and adult agents of ______________________ are herewith given the following authority on the dates stated above: 


To consent to any medical treatment that may be required by ___________________ in the place and with the same authority as ___________________.  


Further, in consideration of the services performed by _________ _____________________ (“Volunteers”) and the employees, servants and agents of ____________________________, ____________, ______________ and the other employees and agents of ___________________ School Board are herewith released from liability for all actions taken in good faith during the trip. 


Dated: ______________ , 20___  



Parent or Legal Guardian